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Scholarships & Awards

Aside from the usual government-funded student loans, there are many other additional ways for you to obtain funding geared towards your education. KPU offers awards, bursaries, and various scholarships that you are not required to pay back. While all funds assess your financial needs, there are differences between the types of funding.

  • Awards are given based on your services, commitment, and work towards a certain cause.

  • Bursaries are mainly dependent on financial needs and certain socioeconomic standings.

  • Grants (in psychology) are funds used towards a specific need, such as a project or research.

  • Scholarships are awarded based on a certain level of achievement, such as academics grades.

KPU Student Awards & Financial Assistance (SAFA)

KPU Awards Guide

List of KPU Awards and Scholarships


KPU scholarships can also be applied through the awards application. When applying for scholarships, always make sure you read the requirements needed (average GPA needed, external letters, references, or essays). Did you know the Psychology department also has its own scholarship award! The application is open in the spring semester every year.

KPU Psychology Scholarship


Applying for awards at KPU is rather simple. Instead of needing to apply for each individual award, you only need to submit an awards application! This application goes through all the awards you are eligible for. Better put all your best accomplishments in this application!

KPU General Awards

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