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Yes, it's possible to get a job with just an undergrad in Psychology, let's bust that myth once and for all! Faculty in psychology are frustrated when they hear this myth from students. You might not end up in pursuing in careers directly related to psychology, and that is absolutely fine. However, employers are absolutely looking for candidates with your professional communication & interpersonal skills.

Here are some tips if you plan to enter the workforce immediately after graduation:

KPU: Career Services

Career Professionals of Canada: Marketing Skills for the Future


PSYC 4000 is the practicum program at KPU. It is designed to introduce students to the workplace, either in a research setting or in entry-level job positions. Students are under the supervision of both the employer and a faculty member. Visit the KPU Psychology Practicum page for more information.

KPU: Psychology 4000 Practicum

Resume & References

A resume is often the first impression you are giving to your employer. Do you know what the vital components for a resume are? How do you craft a well-written description, and what information is important to employers? Learn more at our CV/Resume Workshops and take advantage of the Career Services!

ASME - 6 Resume Tips

KPU Peer to Peer Resume Review

Action Verbs for Resumes

Professional Development

It is a competitive world out there. Finding a lucrative job requires more than just your degree. Develop a professional social media presence, learn what is current in the field, search for information about workplaces, and showcase yourself to potential employers! Secondly, volunteering, joining clubs, and other
co-curriculars allows you to learn skills that supplement your academic knowledge. Sometimes you may even be taking on more responsibilities than what your part-time job may offer!

Getting Started on Twitter

How to Make a Better LinkedIn Profile

Importance of Co-curricular Activities


It is important to start building networks and connections that can guide you to the right people. Networking isn't about sucking up and appealing to authorities. Build genuine connections with people you admire and foster areas of interest between other students, faculties, and meet with others beyond the university!

The 4 Ws of Networking

Kwantlen Toastmasters

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