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Research Opportunities 

Research is one of the foundations of psychology. In most of your classes, you have either participated in or have conducted a research study. Research experience is essential for getting into graduate school. Having research experience can also help you develop valuable skills and demonstrates your engagement to potential employers. 

Research Participation

Most universities will offer research participation as a way to gain bonus marks. KPU is no different, however always double check with your instructor and course outline to confirm whether bonus marks are being offered for your class.

Any students wanting to participate in research must sign up for a Sona account. See the video below on registering for a Sona account. Be sure to read up the rules, terms, and conditions regarding the research pool!

For more information, visit the Psych Lab or contact

KPU Sona Systems (Research Pool)

KPU Research Pool Information

Research Assistant

Becoming a volunteer research assistant (RA) is a great way to get a feel for the field and learn about the process behind conducting research. 


Students often explain their interest in volunteering in terms that express what the experience can do for them (eg. "I want to go to grad school and I need research experience," or
"I want to get into medicine"). 


In talking to potential supervisors or employers, the conversation should always be framed in terms of what you bring to the table (eg. conscientiousness, interest & engagement, motivation to learn & contribute).

How to become an RA​

  1. Find a lab (or several) that you are interested in working with.​

  2. Make an appointment with the primary investigator (PI) or the lab manager to discuss your interest in becoming a volunteer.​

  3. Know why you want to volunteer. Before your meeting, be sure that you know:

  • a) why you think the lab sounds interesting

  • b) your availability to volunteer

  • c) what you can bring to the lab.

List of KPU Research Labs

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