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Volunteering Information

Volunteer experience is one of the best ways to build your resume or academic CV. KPS hosts many events over the term, and we are always needing additional help. We are open to new ideas and are looking to expand our services. KPS volunteers have been able to meet and network with various faculty and external community members in other schools and organizations.

Volunteering with KPS

Our only requirement is passion! We will train you and provide you with resources for your volunteer positions. Email us with the areas you'd like to assist with, and we will get back to you. Alternatively, drop into our meetings and express your interest or speak to us at our events to learn more!

Other Volunteer Experiences

There are many other opportunities on campus and off campus too!

For research assistant roles, please visit the 'Research' tab. 

Subscribe to our newsletter and/or Facebook Group for notifications and updates for internal & external volunteer positions!

KPU Volunteer Services

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