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Workshops Information

Academic workshops are great ways for you to improve your skills and grades. We host a variety of workshops throughout the school year to assist students with their schoolwork. KPU’s learning centers also have workshops to help students succeed in their university journey.

KPU: Learning Centres

APA Workshops

Learn the proper way to cite your sources and format your essays in APA. These skills will help you will your coursework, and future academic work such as research and scientific writing.

You can buy a copy of the APA Manual for your own personal use. The KPU library also has multiple copies available. The most relevant information can be found through the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Excel Workshops

Excel is one of the most common tools used in the workplace. Formulas, commands, and Excel formatting are all important skills to learn!

There are many online tutorials and websites that​ teaches you how to use Excel at a professional level. All of the computers at KPU Excel installed. Did you know as a KPU student, you have free access to Office 365, including Excel, as part of your tuition?

Excel Exposure - Online Excel Tutorial

Microsoft Office for KPU Students

CV / Resume Workshops

Do you know the proper way to write a CV? How do you get your resume to standout among all the other interviewees? Learn more at these workshops.

CVs, known as curriculum vitae, are more detailed versions of your resume that also lists your academic achievements. In Canada, we are familiar with resumes. However, did you know that most of the world uses a CV?

CVs - Dos and Don'ts

ASME - 6 Resume Tips

KPU Peer to Peer Resume Review

Career Workshops

Career workshops encompasse learning tips and techniques that can aid you in bettering your professionalism.

The KPU Toastmasters workshop is one example. They help you perform better in public speaking, provide you with skills to become better at networking, and hones social skills. 

KPU: Career Services

Kwantlen Toastmasters

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